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Who We Are

DataGuard is a document management company established to provide secure, efficient and cost-effective solutions to help organisations manage and protect their critical business information. With us, you are assured the best service


Our Mission

“We strive to be the acknowledged leader and preferred partner in document management solutions driven by our innovative technology and highly skilled workforce” We are team of committed professionals delivering immense value.

Our Vision

Our Vision

“To be the globally respected and leading document management company in Africa” Our central philosophy is to employ global best practices to provide our customers with as good as any service that is obtainable globally.


DataGuard works with leading service support providers in the document management industry who share our commitment to customer success.


PRISM is the global trade association for commercial information management companies made up of outsourcing partners that provide their clients with physical and digital information protection, access, retention, storage, and disposal.

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Why Dataguard?

We are committed to helping you
secure and manage your documents


100% Professional

At DataGuard, you will find a unique commitment to providing world-class services and storage to support both your physical and electronic documents.


Secure Physical Storage

Our physical document management services start with purpose-built storage facilities that are anchored on multiple layers of security, protection from environmental hazards and cutting-edge technology. Layered on top of that is a pick-up, retrieval and delivery system that is not only very efficient, but guarantees a chain of custody.


Robust Electronic Storage

Our electronic document management services are premised on being able to electronically store any document, in any format. This includes the conversion of physical documents into digital searchable documents. From your office or our premises. Hosted by us or by you.


Cost effectiveness

And we do all of these while keeping an eye on your costs..

Thinking of Securing Your Documents?

Let us help you take off the worry and hassles of effectively managing your document. We have one of the best facility and technology that makes securing, managing and retrieving your documents seamless. We offer all these at a friendly budget, talk to us today.