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With the explosive amount of documents and data that businesses create on a daily basis, it can easily become overwhelming for the staff involved in managing your information. DataGuard offers an array of services that are customised to meet your precise requirements.


Our heavy duty standard archive box is in a class of its own, our standard box is made to industry standard dimensions from standard class cardboard, which makes it the strongest archive box available.


Our boxes are made in Nigeria from recyclable cardboard and are designed with the long term protection of archives in mind. Our box has all of the following features:


  •  Single piece construction with the hinged lid attached to the box. This ensures that the lid never gets lost or blown off during a delivery or pickup.
  •  Strong triple wall sides to withstand temporary stacking up to 6 high and long term storage 3 high.
  •  Blanked off handles to prevent the ingress of dust: ensuring that all once closed, the box is dust proof.
  •  A join free base. Which ensures that box content do not drop off from the bottom
  •  Information panels to record box information and encourage good archiving practice.
  •  A unique serially numbered flip lock seal for that extra layer of box security.

Placing an order:
Please order via our online system by clicking here for existing clients.
Or by emailing the operations team at or calling 234 (1) 712 0701-2

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    We offer an efficient file indexing solution that enables you access detailed information from your records. We will properly label your files using our robust tracking software and upload a complete list of your inventory on our secure web portal for you to view and for ease of retrieval.


    With our automatic digital records indexing service, we index digital documents by applying a unique catalogue structure customized for you, making it easy to find digital records when you need them. We are the best at these and we are set to work with you to achieve excellence.


    Are you in need of a trained personnel that can assist by arranging your documents or complete document/file room without disruption to your business operation. Our representatives will pack, label, index your documents thereby allowing you focus on core business functions.


    We posses a wealth of experience in enhancing the efficiency of information management systems. in line with this, we offer a customised consultancy service whereby clients receive specific advice according to their precise requirements. Contact us if you need this service.