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Document shredding is the most secure way to dispose of confidential records at the end of their life.  Our team can help you determine the most efficient, timely, and cost effective method of destroying your confidential documents that have met their retention requirements.




We provide document shredding services in NIgeria and Sub Saharan Africa and the surrounding area, with daily service of shred consoles and large shred purges. We offer both on-site and off-site shredding for organizations in industries such as healthcare, law, accounting, business, and government.




Pricing depends on the type of document shredding service you need – one time purge or a scheduled shredding rotation. Call our team to discuss your volume and we will develop a quote while you are on the phone.

We provide our secure containers for FREE.  You will only be charged for our service when we come to your location and shred your confidential records.




You may be deciding between on-site and off-site shredding. There are advantages to both. On-site shredding is an automated process involving a shred truck that destroys material in a client parking lot. This allows clients to watch the shredding being done. However, on-site shredding is more expensive because it takes more time.

Off-site shredding involves our team taking the records to our secure, plant based shredder that has a much higher through-put than any shred truck. It reduces the time involved in the pickup and shredding, especially for shred purges that involve more than 25 boxes. As a result, it is more cost effective.

The cost of your schedule shredding service is based on the number of secure shredding containers you need and the frequency of the service.

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