What is an Electronic Document Management System


Understanding an Electronic Document Management System

An Electronic Document Management System is defined according to the business dictionary as the control and coordination of all the processes involved in the flow of paper and electronic documents to ensure that the authorized personnel has secure and efficient access to the documents whenever the need arises.  In the most basic terms, it is how a company organizes, stores, tracks, and manages its documents in either paper or electronic format and also storage of records. Document management systems provide an organized structure for your digital documents.


Every company or organization has records they must maintain for legal compliance and operational business needs. They all have some form of document management that involves capturing, storing, and retrieving documents in their daily operations. The problem is that the process is often time-consuming for most organizations, hence not given the attention it deserves. This is why it is necessary to have efficient storage of records in place for time-saving management of your company’s documents.

Today’s document management systems rely on computer systems or cloud software to store and manage electronic documents. These electronic systems have complex capabilities allowing you to convert records to the proper digital format either for bulk digitalization, index them according to custom specifications, use keyword search functionalities to find documents, set access controls, and even search and edit digital files quickly and easily through Electronic Document Management System


Your Document Management Systems should make your life better, it should improve the way things run at your organization. Here are some of the benefits of using a Document Management System.

Benefits of Using a Document Management System

Electronic Document Management System

  1. Freedom: A document management system free you from the sometimes painful process of faxing, handling documents and forms manually, and also searching for information for an extended period of time. With a good document management system, those problems become non-existent because it will help you automate and secure documents and assets important to your organization.
  2. Peace of mind: Security has always been an issue for organizations everywhere. You can easily become restless just worrying about the security of your business documents. With an efficient management system, you can finally have peace of mind, WIth adequate security controls, you will no longer need to worry about your documents being stolen or going missing.
  3. Convenience: Due to the pandemic, the workforce of many organizations is growing to become more mobile. A Document management system provides employees the opportunity to store office-related information on their own mobile devices and gain access to that information anywhere there is an internet connection with high security as efficient storage of records is in place. This means when a customer has a question about an order, you can find the information and give an answer in an instance as Electronic Document Management System is used.
  4. Freetime: When an employee spends time doing administrative tasks associated with paper such as walking to the photocopying machine or searching for files in cabinets, the less time he will have for tasks that are really in the area of his genius. When it comes to working, time is as important as a paycheck. The more time you have to do what matters, the more you will accomplish. No one wants to do mundane tasks day in and day out.

A document management system can take care of those tasks for your employees. That means you’ll save the time used in capturing, storing, and distributing documents. And it will give you (and your employees) more time to focus on the work that matters.

  1. Professional Growth: As your business grows, your documents also grow with it.  A document management system provides room for you to grow. It takes the burden of mundane tasks off your plate. This gives you more relevant work to do and opportunities to grow your career alongside your organization.

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